Fluffy cardigan in rose blush, ivory, light blue and beige knitted for brides JANE

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Cozy bridal cardigan in pastel colors

This model is similar to the JACKY cardigan. This time the jacket can be closed with cream-colored pearl buttons. This bridal jacket is also made of soft wool Fluff look knitted. 

This knitted cardigan is more warming and is suitable for weddings in spring, autumn and winter. The color is very light and also goes well with a white one wedding dress or Bridal skirt.

Bridal shoot in Beverly Hills

This jacket was made by our model Erika during our Los Angeles Shoots carried. The cozy cardigan is in the color ivory (a very light ivory), worn with a skirt in ivory. 

  • You will find the matching tulle skirt here.

 This jacket is made for you if you ...

  • like it particularly warm.
  • get married in spring, autumn or winter.
  • find the cuddly beautiful.
  • prefer to wear a casual jacket.
  • and like it romantic.

The special thing about wool

She is fluffy and cuddly. We knit most of the models with natural yarns without polyacrylics. We have made an exception for this jacket, as the cuddly effect can only be achieved with synthetic fibers.

Despite the synthetic fiber content it is Wool soft and enjoyable to the skin.

The matching stole to go with it

Some brides order a matching one Stole from the same wool. Here you can see and order the model.

To match her wedding dress

Lace thong in white by Bianco Evento


    The white is off-white, the cream is a strong cream.

    Available colours:

    • white - a broken white as the model is wearing.
    • cream
    • beige - light brown
    • blush
    • purple
    • pink
    • Light Blue
    • light gray
    • red


    • LOOK MIX: 55% nylon 25% acrylic 20% wool

    How was the jacket knitted?

    We knit in Germany with hand knitting machines, this jacket was knitted from a hand knitting yarn. No previous washing required.

    😍 Knitted in our knitting atelier in northern Germany. We are a team of knitters. Click here  see what made us knit and who we are.

    Custom made

    We manufacture all colors, except white and cream, as custom-made *.

    * not returnable

    How do I find the right bridal jacket?Photos of brides with a Beemohr cardiganConverter for women's outerwear: jackets international 
    Dear future bride,

    I receive a lot of emails every day with questions about cut, size, color, type of wool and a few more. That is why I have put all the information together for you so that you can choose the Bridal jacket is easier. Whether your wedding dress is mermaid, trumpet, princess-line, empire, A-line or classically cut, you will find the perfect one here Bridal jacket.

    Knitted from fine, soft and skin-friendly yarns

    We mainly use hand knitting yarn. This makes the jackets particularly soft and cozy, no previous washing is necessary.

    We use this wool:

    • cashmere
    • baby alpaca
    • Merino
    • Mohair
    • Angora
    • Partly synthetic yarns that are comfortable to wear and do not scratch

    For the winter jackets we knit several yarns so that the jacket is warmer. I've been looking for the right wool for this mix for a long time: the result is beautiful, comfortable jackets that don't scratch or fluff. This is how you can get MARRIED! And even after that, you can still wear your bridal jacket. 

    Bridal bolero jacket in white, off white or ivory

    A frequently asked question and on these pages you will find answers, in general off white is usually appropriate. More information about the color and cut of the jacket, ivory, ivory or white, a longer or shorter one Jacket and which wool goes best with mine Wedding in spring, autumn, winter or summer you will here find: cardigan like:

          • Fairy
          • Marie
          • Mimi
          • Sofie
          • Julia

      Even in summer a cardigan should not be missing. The weather is difficult to assess, even in June and July there can be a lot of rain or it can get cool. 

      In any case, a warming jacket looks great in church or at a champagne reception. A nice jacket can spice up your bridal outfit or make it look even more romantic - as with Kate - Cathrin, Duchess of Cambridge or Olivia Palermo. In any case, a jacket will keep you warm.

      Find the perfect bolero jacket for her wedding dress!

      We knit jackets, sweaters and pashminas for weddings and other celebrations

      Every bride hopes for wonderful sunny weather so that she can do without Jacket to wedding dress gets by. On the other hand, nobody knows exactly how the weather will turn into their own wedding, at least not in Germany, Austria, Switzerland ... actually only the far south and the Caribbean are safe for wonderfully sunny wedding weather. In our part of the world, a bridal bolero is almost indispensable when you are on your biggest day don't freeze want.

      I can remember well, especially at the champagne reception I was glad to wear a light cardigan over my wedding dress. I got married in the north in the summer, you need something warm here.

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