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Artikel: Wedding in 2022 with knit accessory and bridal skirt

Getting married in USA at the beach

Wedding in 2022 with knit accessory and bridal skirt

Getting married in 2022 in USA

I have looked around some bridal fairs and taken many impressions. In general, the wedding ceremonies are slightly increasing in US. And in fact, weddings are rising in bad economic times, because most of them focus on true values such as family and love.

A little history of marriage back into the 19th Century

Looking back to the 19th Century, weddings were rather small, celebrated at the home of the bride or the parents of the groom. This began to change around the 1820's, wedding ceremonies became more attention and more money was spent. Still the bride choose one of her best dress to get married. That means the dress was in less cases white. Because a white dress was simply impracticle to wear on normal days.

The History of marriages in USA

White wedding dresses become popular

It took brides till the middle of the 19th century to buy an extra made wedding dress for their wedding day. Actually there was an historic wedding from Queen Victoria back in 1840. She chose to wear a white dress instead of the usual silver royal dress. Since that time white wedding dresses became more and more popular.

At the same time wedding couples started to hire a wedding planner to prepare floral arrangements, choosing the church as well as the wedding location.

Did you know? The median age of first marriage in the united states was almost 30 years for man and 28 years for woman. Back in year 1950 the womans age was 20 years and the mens's age 23*.

In the USA In year 2017 2.24 Million couples got engaged.

Number of marriges in US till 2017

Dress styles

Vintage is coming to an end, Boho is still up to date and this year blush is en vogue: a pink tone pimped with a metallic look. Here even real gold is used ... for flowers, cakes and wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses and jumpsuits

Dresses show a lot of skin, especially the tops are made of a lot of lace. Here even bridal dresses are made of 3 D lace, so patched flowers and outstanding lace elements make the wedding dress to something very special. The boho style is still trendy. Often trouser suits are worn nowadays. For this a shorter knit jacket is ordered in my shop: Florine and Bella.

Brautjacke gestrickt für Hosenanzüge und Brautkleider Strickbolero im Blush Stil für ihre Hochzeit gestrickt

Bridal bouquet

The bridal flowers are kept more natural this year like freshly picked. The color coral has come in to match the natural look.

Brautstrauß in rosa, blush und Koralle

Combine with glitter elements or cover the flowers with real gold, then you have created the next current look. That's what makes it so special. Personally, I prefer the natural look.

And last but not least - bridal sweaters are still in demand, here you will find our most popular bridal sweaters.

Lace Brautpullover transparent gestrickt für ihre Bohemian Hochzeit  Brautpullover für die Hochzeit in blush und gold

A knit acceessory for your wedding

There are many advantages to wear a knit jacket or sweater for a wedding. The bridal gown does not look uniform with another material. The soft wool makes a wonderful combination to a silk dress. It is also warming and adapting to the size of the bride.

Wedding * Love * Couple * Marriage * Forever * Lovebirds * Bride * Groom * Bridesmaid * Flower Girls
Bridal coverups knitted for weddings Wedding stole knitted of soft yarn for bridal gowns Wedding jumper knitted in ivory and off white for bridal skirts Handknitted loose bolero for your wedding dress Bridal cardigan knitted in a fluffy look for weddings in boho and vintage style Bridal pullover knitted of soft wool for weddings Wedding sweater for your bridal gown in ivory and white

* US Census Bureau


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