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Artikel: Ordering new wool for bridal jackets, bridal jumper and small gifts

bridal shop with cashmere and merino wool jackets

Ordering new wool for bridal jackets, bridal jumper and small gifts

I bought new wool for my bridal collection 2022

Wool shopping is fun and must be well considered. Some wool suppliers issue new wool collections twice a year, which are the bigger ones. At the moment I am working with 3 suppliers, in 2 of them I order most of my wool.

One supplier is my favorite, the service and the delivery speed are wonderful. The only downside, wool is unscheduled out of the program. This is often a disaster economically for me.

When I buy wool, this wool usually goes through this cycle:

  1. Design of one or more models
  2. Creation of cut and knitting instructions
  3. Photo shooting
  4. Partial creation of a knitting box

cashmere cream filatura di crosa for bridal wear Bridal Bolero with knot made with cashmere 

Cashmere wool for bridal jackets and bridal pullover

In this process I get partially 20 products. I buy the wool for max. one year and if I want to reorder it and it is no longer available, that is more than sad. This means a lot of effort, either by replacement, which is usually difficult or I take the bridal jacket or the bridal pullover from my offer.

I rarely do the latter, so far I have always found a solution that admittedly was often time-consuming, but I like to keep products in my collection, as brides have choosen almost any of my offered jackets and sweaters for the wedding.

What is my solution to this wool problem?

After I found out that wool is not available or only in a few months :-( I order wool in larger quantities, but here is a next problem:

The new wool produced in a new batch does not have the same quality.
Yes, it is actually annoying and at such moments, I wonder if I should not rather be employed.

Should I remain self-employed or rather hired?

Shall I really be self employed?
There are also many nice moments when buying wool

When the Wool Agent comes over and introduces the new collection, at that moment, I can see much more than online. And here you can see the colors that make a big difference to bridal jackets and pullovers. The least wool qualities have the right white or ivory, many are too dark for wedding dresses and bridal skirts.

Yes the representatives are actually male. Honestly, I find it a bit strange, because usually they do not a clue about knitting. For my opinion this should be a job requirement. Wool suppliers see this obviously different. In the visits I often recognize the deficits - not with all but most.

And the nice thing is, I often get a few sample balls :-) Once a representative of my favorite supplier left his sample folders and wool because he wanted to visit another customer. I felt in my studio - like in wool paradise with all the sample folders and wool balls.

☺ I love wool - and the ideas that come from it. ☺

Knit project for wool addicted
Knitting projects for wool enthusiasts

Yes, even this idea here, she has nothing to do with a bridal jacket - for now. The idea for a sweater in bright pink was brought to me by my daughter. She also discovered the wool collections and, of course, got stuck on this shiny wool from Katia: Ingenious Big. I liked it admittedly also and will soon be knitting a sweater for myself in even coarser knit - combined with a black leggings and high heels it will be the eye-catcher of the day or evening :-)

Here is a selection of colors from the Ingenious Big by Katia:

Ingenious Big von Katia pink online bestellenIngenious Big von Katia neon grün online bestellenIngenious Big von Katia köings - blau online bestellen
My favorite wool is the neon - green. With this wool gifts can knit very quickly and the recipient will be happy to get an individually knitted sweater or scarf.

White wool for weddings

This time I bought wool, which I will use as second thread. I mix wool, as there is often a nicer effect that the wool itself can not reach. For example, kid mohair is to thin for some knit jackets, then I add a merino thread, which has two advantages:

  • The jacket or sweater has a stable main thread
  • The mohair creates a light cosy look and feeling

Mohair wool for bridal jackets and pullover
Another new discovery among the yarns is a merino blend. It is beautifully twisted and almost white - rare to find in the wool collections. I will use it to knit bridal pullovers by hand and add a fluffy yarn or even a colored yarn - as I did here with the bridal knit loop.

Strick Loop für die Hochzeit

This knit loop I knitted with two threads - in very different colors, depending on what the future bride wishes. It's knitted narrower in the front, so that the rotation does not apply too much. With this wedding loop the bride is well dressed and warmed at her wedding.

You can order the Catena wool from Katia here.

Merino Wolle von Katia Catena Wolle von Katia für Braut Bolero Merino Wolle Catena von Katia online bestellen

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