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Artikel: Knit pullover and jackets for weddings: most ordered

Bridal Fashion knitted from beemohr

Knit pullover and jackets for weddings: most ordered

What is a popular wedding accessory for the brides?

I started with about 10 models. Now brides can choose from about 80 different sweaters and cardigans. The desired models vary.

The twisted scarf is very often ordered: LU.

Strickschal für tief ausgescnittene Brautkleider von Beemohr Bolero Schal in weiß und ivory für Hochzeiten gestrickt

Knit scarf for low cut wedding dresses by Beemohr Bolero Scarf knitted in white and ivory for weddings

With this Bolero you have the choice; You can wear it turned in the back or even open - as seen in the second picture. He is knitted in cashmere or baby alpaca. Cashmere is delicate and soft, alpaca is barely behind, it is a bit more robust.

The model Lu is suitable for summer brides

In the church or even in the shade, it warms easily without you sweating. In low cut wedding dresses is often no suitable jacket, this model may be the solution.

Also this classic is often ordered: Anna. This jacket covers your shoulders and arms, just enough to make the bridal gown look good, yet the bride does not have to freeze.

Strick Bolero für Bräute im Sommer und Frühling Knit Couture

We also knit this jacket with cashmere or baby alpaca.

Of the longer cardigans, the Sofie model is often chosen by future brides. Sofie is a classic jacket that can be closed with a button in the décolleté area. Here the jacket is knitted in a powder tone.

Strickjacke für die Vintage oder Boho Hochzeit perfekt für das Brautkleid

Bridal pullover in lace, plain knit, with a low neckline or short sleeve. We knitted many variants; for bridal skirts and for bridal gowns. You are welcome to order the model Elly.

Elly heiraten mit einem Strickpullover in Lace Muster für Tüllröcke

Also popular is the bridal pullover Aimy with a full-length neckline.

Knit sweater for the wedding in white and ivory KNIT COTOURE

In 2017, I started the hand knitting line and these models are also popular for weddings and other celebrations.

Sky is widely knitted and cuddly soft and warm.

Soft mohair bolero knitted for brides
Browse through our shop and choose your desired model. Also we can knit customisations for you or you visit us in our studio south of Hamburg.

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