Bee Mohr with new version of bridal shop with Shopify

Migration online shop moved to Shopify!
New bridal Shop with shopify: Beemohr

Relaunch: Beemohr with new features

- We knit for brides and guests -

Beemohr has been knitting bridal jackets and sweaters for parties cince 2007, mainly bridal knit fashion. The company grows and along with it the orders do as well. The current Strato shop does not technically support growth and some features are missing. For this reason, the new wedding shop "Beemohr in Love" has now been launched. For the time being, cashmere jackets and cashmere sweaters for brides are offered here.

Implemantation of wedding products and blog

Knit kits to knit yourself have already been migrated. The framework, the legal framework and the blog are implemented, Beemohr products are gradually added. In addition, the focus is on the most popular products. This way, the customer can find their way around better and have a better shopping experience.

State of the art: SHOPIFY

The new shop is made available by shopify. Shopify offers many additional features and is above all responsive and supports SEO measures. With this change, Beemohr wants to support the previous growth, reach more customers and above all offer customers a convenient and pleasant shopping experience across all devices, whether tablet, cell phone or notebook.

Poor performance - times, crashes, payment aborts and various similar events should be a thing of the past.

New products are added to the reduced product line. The new bridal collection from 2022 is already online and ready to order.

Wedding sweater lace ivory Light wedding stole knitted for brides Lace bridal bolero from beemohr
Company information / short profile:

Owner Sabine Mohr

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