Honeymoon where can we spend our holidays for two?

How can the couple spend their honeymoon?

Spontaneously I would say: in the garden on the deck chair with a well-stocked cocktail bar. The advantage here is you don't have to go through the latest rules and regulations and go on a vacation full of restrictions. If you want to travel abroad, you will very likely have to show proof of vaccination and, in the worst case, be in quarantine. In addition, many hotels are restricted in their services when they reopen:

  • no buffet
  • no swimming pool or sauna
  • in the worst case, the restaurant and bar are closed 😱

Corona time - only drinks can help

If you perfer to travel, the Baltic Sea, Lake Constance or another place in Germany would be a nice alternative. That was already the holiday trend in 2020. Even if not voluntarily. For outdoor fans, a camping holiday might be the right thing, or the couple can rent a tiny house in the middle of nature.
Since the lock down camping became envogue.

We live past Corona now

This is history now you can go almost everywhere again :-) The new year 2023 just started. The bride and groom are free to travel therever they want to. It winter or summer destinations you can choose. I would prefer to go on a skiing trip. This is the place where I met my husband.

Where ever you go for your honeymoon I wish you a wonderful time 🌞.

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