Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz tied the knot on a yacht near Capri

Young man - mature woman

At the beginning, when first pictures and comments came up showing Heidi and Tom together, I thought; it was a PR gag. There weren't many news from Tokio Hotel for a while. Heide Klum does not really need any more PR, but I think there are no limits for PR - for her.

These many Instagram posts about her private life are probably not necessary for her career, but obviously she wants to be seen often and a lot.

The dates and news from Heidi and Tom continued, so it could hardly be a PR gag. They got to know each other at the birthday party of Michael Michalsky in the year 2018. So, after just one year they got married.

Brave or thoughtless?

Getting married Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

First of all, every couple wants it to be in love and together forever. I think the two look very much in love.

And a younger man brings many benefits:

  1. He has hardly any commitmens from the past.
  2. He is free in thoughts and prejudices.
  3. He looks positively into life.
  4. He romps and plays with children like a buddy.
  5. The woman can feel like in the 20's again.
  6. Life is independent and many things are possible.
  7. Sex plays a big role and not only on the birthday and New Year's Eve.
  8. He is young and crisp - just a feast for the eyes.
  9. He is very accommodating and does everything for you, because he appreciates that he is allowed to be with her.
    Young man mature wife
    I would not forget to mention that Heidi looks gorgeous and young. Past times I could not understand the choice of her husband Flavio Briatore, but of course there are more than externals and age difference.

    The wedding took place in Capri
    On 03rd of August the 3 - day wedding on the splendid yacht of Onassis started with prominent guests, such as Joop, Mel B, Hayo and more. In total, 120 guests were invited.

    The newlyweds were married by the twin brother - frontman of Tokio Hotel. At first I thought that Heidi is with Bill - they just look alike and I think it's nice that they spend so much time together. With my own twin sister I do not get that often together, we live 800 km apart.

    Back to the wedding ceremony; I really could not find out if he was actually authorized to do that. In fact, the two got married already in the hometown of Heidi Klum; Bergisch Gladbach.

    That Heidi has adopted the name of her husband "Kaulitz", I can only interpret as a sign of great love. Heidi Klum is a trademark, Heidi Kaulitz I need to get use to it. But I am sure it won't damage herr career.
    Wedding on the Yacht near Capri Heidi klum and tom Kaulitz
    The wedding dress
    Heidi wore an off-shoulder-the-shoulder white gown with the very popular 3 D floral look. Shi added a bridal long white veil. Bill was dressed with a white suite.
    Congratulations and a wonderful marriage

    I wish both and the children a wonderful marriage. I could imagine the family grows bigger.
    Glückwunsch an Heid Klum und Tom Kaulitz
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