In love, engaged, married ... The marriage proposal

Women want a romantic marriage proposal

In love, engaged, married, that's the name of the game for two. In love, engaged, married, I won't tell you no. Because your charm delights me so much, I would be happy if I succeed. Because before a wedding takes place at all, he must of course not be missing. The right marriage proposal! 

When does the marriage proposal come?

It may be that with some couples it is simply swept under the carpet because it has long been clear that the pot and lid have been found. Still a marriage proposal is the gate, that opens up for an intoxicating festival, for a Yes, forever and for a small, dreamy fairytale wedding.

Dreams of yesteryear are rolled up

Because once we women are honest that's what we all dream of. From an early age we dream that the prince comes ridden on a white horse, takes us on his horse and that we can spend a fulfilled life with him at his castle. Wake up girls, life has caught up with us Nevertheless, your own Fairytale wedding be equipped with a lot of charm and this can be found in the invitation cards, in the outfit of the bride and groom, already in the lovingly written marriage proposal.

Get married like a princess

It can crackle properly

Because let's be honest, how often do we try to make sure that everything goes well. Be it at the first introduction with the "future mother-in-law" or at the former job interview. After all, we want to achieve goals that we have set ourselves and that takes effort. Of course, the question of all questions needs special preparation:

    •  "Will you marry me?" 

It does not matter who made the application, but how much love the application was prepared with.

Getting married for lovers including a marriage proposal

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