I knit my two-tone mood sweater

What should I wear?

This is the question women ask themselves almost every day. And sometimes I feel like classic muted colors and sometimes bright colors, so that you immediately attract attention when you enter a room.

Dress to stand outpicture of Myriam zilles on Pixabay

Depending on the occasion, the classic look, the festive or simply a completely different look that you usually wear fits. When I go to dinner or to the cinema, I like to wear a mixture of comfortable and classic, like here when we were eating Italian in the neighboring town.

Me in the classic look in summer

However, I prefer it to be sporty and casual, when I'm not out and about, it is usually a pair of sports leggings combined with a shirt. It's comfortable and you're always ready to do a workout.

Sporty look is my favorite

And what if I can't make up my mind?

Do you know that, you don't know what to wear at all. This not only affects the choice of things, but also so many other small and large decisions, such as:

  • What do I order for dinner?
  • Do I exercise or do I prefer to lounge on the couch and watch Prime?
  • Do I muck out my apartment or do I prefer to work?
  • Do I write with a pencil or a pen?
  • Cake or apple?
  • Bike or car?

Those are the small decisions and what, if so, then the first big decisions queue how

  • Apartment or house or tiny house?
  • Pet or not?
  • Buy or lease a car?
  • Go out or not? (Currently to protect against Corona)
  • Wild marriage or marriage?
  • Private or statutory insurance?
  • Quit job or not?
  • And if you cancel, what then?
  • You can think of more ...

Here comes my solution

For - at least what the what-am-I-wear? - Concerning the question, I found a solution. And that Mood sweater. Yes, I'm knitting it right now, and it consists of two colors, one color in the classic light brown - rather inconspicuous - and the other in Bang - red.

This sweater has the same cut in the front and back, which means I can turn it depending on my mood. I knitted this sweater in one piece again. And here's a foretaste.

A sweater in two colors knitted for the mood


The wool is nice and cozy and I knitted it with a boat neckline. As you can see, I'm almost done, here is the back part or the front part - depending on how I wear it.

A sweater knitted in two colors

As soon as he is finished, the picture comes complete knitted sweater. It is medium thick, knitted with knitting needle 3, it takes a while, but I also wanted something warm and easy to care for. I mean knit sweater generally only wash by hand, at least my self-knitted ones. If you wash these knitted pieces in the washing machine, even with the hand wash cycle, then they are at least 1 size smaller. I prefer knitted sweaters a tad wider than too tight.

So stay tuned, I plan to have the sweater ready by the end of March 2020 :-)

Sabine sends you knitted greetings.

Here is my finished two-tone one Sweater.

Cuddly sweater knitted in two colors Cuddly sweater knitted for leisureSweater knitted from the back red, from the front light brown Cuddly sweater knitted in red and brown