Saleswoman in the bridal shop

Isn't it the dream job for many women?

Because what could be nicer than that Brides to help you find clothes?

Who can accompany the bride?

You are with, the best friends, the sister and the wife mom. But expert advice cannot be dispensed with.

Every bride finds her dress

The saleswoman has happy people around her every day. But these people have a lot of ideas in their heads that they want to implement. It can be a long way to achieve your dream dress. Because only in the rarest of cases does the bride slip into the first dress and know that it is her wedding dress.

Anproge in the bridal shop

Demanding - but beautiful

The saleswomen in the bridal fashion specialty shops are usually challenged. Not only because every single dress is quite heavy, but also because they want to meet every lady's wishes.

wishes come true

It applies that bride to support her most important purchase as best she can and every bride gets the time she needs in the bridal shop.

There is only the nice weather in the Bridal salon not yet on order.