Float across the wedding parquet

The wedding dance - hurdle or fun for the bridal couple?

That is in the sense of one thing every bride and groom. After all, they are the center of attention when dealing with the Bride dance open the dance floor. The newlyweds like to decide that they dance a song together and only then parents, groomsmen and other guests are asked to do so.

Romance and mood

The wedding dance is a magical moment, not only for the bride and groom, but also for them Wedding party it should be like that. The couple's crackling and falling in love must be felt. That is why the dance should definitely have something romantic about it and still create a mood.

The wedding dance bride and groom

The waltz and the wedding parquet

The classic waltzes and the wedding parquet still belong together for many, like bride and groom. Why can't it even be a “modern waltz”? Best example:

  • Have you ever really loved a woman by Bryan Adams. 
  • Withney Houston is also very popular with her confirmation: I will always love you. 
  • Three nuts for Cinderella are not only known to children, this song is ideally suited as a wedding dance and is a popular choice.