Knitting instructions for festive jackets in a new design

KNTI KITS: knitting instructions & wool for festive jackets

Some time ago I wrote an e-book. This Book contains some stories about how I started my own fashion label.
I have also added the most beautiful knitting instructions.


The knit kits for bridal bolero ????

... are now revised and include:

  • A model photo
  • Information on size and required wool
  • A detailed guide
  • Model - cut
  • Wool

See the new look here

Knit your bridal bolero yourself with these knitting instructions from Beemohr from Angora Bridal jacket to knit yourself Anna Wedding jacket to knit yourself with the right instructions for boho and vintage wedding Knit your cashmere bridal scarf yourself with these knitting instructions from BeemohrBall warmers for your wedding knitted from Alpaca Merino for Boho and Vintage Wedding 2019 Bridal sweater knitted from fine cashmere to match your wedding dress Bridal bolero knitted to match her 2019 wedding dress Bolero jacket for parties to match the evening dress or the wedding dress by Beemohr

That was fun and will definitely be for many Knitters be a good compendium for knitting. Here you can knit the model Marie or Mimi.

Beemohr is writing her first book: Knitting for BridesMost jackets require some experience.

It is best if you have already knitted some jackets and sweaters.

So if you have already used knitting techniques like: Accented Declines, Crossed Declines, and Mattress Stitch.

Some models are knitted from angora and some are made from cashmere.

As a future bride, can you have jackets, Bolero, Knit stoles and sweaters.