A fairytale wedding

As a little girl, did you dream of your own wedding?

Who doesn't dream of it? From an early age we live in the hope that one day a prince with a white gray horse will come riding up. He puts us on his horse and takes us to his castle and that there extensively Wedding is celebrated.

Perhaps this wishful thinking will already be real for you in 2019?

Then - congratulations! But your anticipation for the big party cannot develop yet, because you are far away from model measurements? Don't worry - who needs it Model dimensions to be happy and have a party that everyone will remember?

Getting married in 2019 with a knitted bridal jacket

Model dimensions or not

On the correct cut of the wedding dress is what matters. The right dress really turns every bride into a dream woman. After all, it's not about any dimensions, but about personal charisma. If this is consistent, then nothing stands in the way of the glamorous appearance and the passage to the altar is leveled.

A little tip to all brides

Petite and small Brides with elegant curves should go for one-piece robes. Long and tight dresses are also made for them, because these Wedding Dresses stretch optically.

Bulky women should avoid too many appliqués. Simple models in Ivory or Champagne such brides just look better. If the cleavage is too lush or the bride has strong upper arms, the right jacket or a well-fitting bolero from beemohr in such cases is happy to provide a remedy.