Not just knitting - I can do Shopify too

Almost a Shopify expert

I've had mine since the beginning of 2018 Shopify shop. Before that, I had been with Strato with my shop for over 10 years. The migration from Strato to Shopify I did it myself. And here is my conclusion:

  • I would switch to Shopify again and again.

Why Shopify was the right choice for me

I was at Strato for about 10 years and carried out a lot of SEO measures that were almost ineffective, I almost always stayed with the same number of visitors. At Shopify, I started with an already higher number of visitors and SEO measures became immediately visible. My Visitor numbers have almost within 2 years doubled. I will tell you about the other advantages at the end of the article.

Online shop with Strato in the bridal area

How did I get into Shopify?

I'm not a fan of great research, I usually meet mine decisions quickly, which has already turned out to be a mistake. to Shopify I have a good video on the youtube channel: My shop seen.

Nevertheless, on the advice of my partner, I looked at other shop solutions, such as: Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, Wordpress. Most of the latter systems require in-depth technical knowledge, for example you have to set up your own database. I didn't want to spend my time with that. So my decision was made quickly: it will Shopify. This shop can be set up completely via the frontend. Registering a domain and setting up Google Webmaster Tools is part of every shop system.

I took the following steps when migrating to Shopify:

  • Facility of the Shopify - Tests - Shops (possible for 14 days free of charge, at the moment even 90 days due to Corona)
  • Data transfer using an app from the Shopify App Store; Here you can select which data should be transferred, a format post-processing was necessary, but feasible
  • Establishment of the administrative area:
    • Payment methods
    • Legal Information
    • Navigate
    • Domain redirection (from Strato to Shopify - until cancellation takes effect). A "com" domain can also be hosted directly by Shopify, for "de" domains you have to look for a hoster, I have Linevast chosen. This is also where my emails run.
    • Connect Google Analytics
    • Set up / connect to Google Webmaster
    • Integrate social media channels
    • Set up blog
    • Customizing and selection of the right theme (available free of charge and with costs, I started with the free "Debut" and have now switched to "Prestige", which costs a few dollars but is worth it. The products are presented much nicer and you has integrated more features.

Within 1 week was my shop online, whereby I first let both run under different domains. So I could Shopify shop still testing. After a few weeks I completely redirected to Shopify via my Strato hosting. My successor was the hoster for my domains Linevast. Again, I didn't want to stay with Strato, as this company has mediocre customer service and has debited services that were not ordered, complaints were ignored. Not recommendable.

The setup went fine and easy. Shopify has through the Help Center and the Shopify University extensive online information provided. For me, the biggest help was the chat function.

Shopify Shop for Brew Sweaters & Bridal Jackets

Benefits of Shopify

  • Set up without programming knowledge
  • Intuitive front end
  • Apps with and without costs extend the functionality of Shopify
  • To me: State of the art
  • Help is quickly available via the chat function
  • Choice between many different designs, using themes
  • The code is adaptable, even the inexperienced can get used to it, help is available in the forum and the Online Help available
  • The shop can be operated from 29 EUR per month, a Shopify fee per sales is also incurred
  • The Shopify app for mobile phones provides information on all activities in the Online shop, including every order, if desired

Here is one of the latest appsthat I have integrated into my shop: Affiliate App

Earn passively with bridal jackets and sweaters from Beemohr

Cons of Shopify

  • Bilingualism is not integrated, apps are provided for it. I've tested a few and I didn't like one, now I have installed a simple free translation app in the German Shop that translates directly when you use it: GTranslate. The downside, off SEO There is no perspective Content.
    My solution for this was to open a second shop to get English content indexed by Google and thus be found. In addition, I can set the currency $ as the default. 
  • English speaking domain:

 Learn more about Shopify

Shopify is a publicly traded company based in Canda, founded in 2006. The founder; Tobi Lütke is a programmer from Germany. More than 1 million companies in over 175 countries are already using Shopify. Big brands like Tesla and Budweiser are among them.

Here is the phenomenal development of the Shopify share as of April 9.04.2020, XNUMX. I own shares in Shopify.

Shopify share price for bridesSource: Shopify Financials