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Make money with cardigans and sweaters for brides

For Blogger, Influence and Bridal shops we have now set up our affiliate app. Are your target audience brides or women who Knit fashion to like? Then you can invite them to browse our shop with a link.

Beemohr - who are we?

I got married in autumn 2007. While looking for my wedding dress, I looked around in the bridal shops for a light cardigan, as it can get a bit chilly in September.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a single cardigan. In the Bridal shops there was Jackets made of lace or brocade - that wasn't my case, it had to be a cardigan. And since I couldn't find it, I knitted it myself; Made of light mohair and with the lettering on the back bride made of golden lurex thread.

Earn bridal jackets and bridal bolero with BeemohrThe jacket was perfect for my September wedding. And through my wedding the idea was born to found my own label and offer knitted jackets and bolero for weddings. And now we are knitting over 100 different jackets & sweaters with a team of knitters.

What can I expect as an affiliate?

With models from Beemohr you can offer your readership or customers knitting - high quality models knitted in Germany. Our customer service will respond within 1 day at the latest. 

Within a short time you can insert a link in text or link images. With every referred customer you receive a commission per purchase.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

I look forward to new partnerships, your Sabine Mohr.