Mother of the bride

Mother and father of the bride

It will always be the father of the bride highlighted at the wedding. That is why I would like to direct all of my attention to the mother of the bride. Because the Wedding dress purchase is usually never done without the wife mom. It is she who the future groom years ago was probably the most closely scrutinized. After all, her princess didn't deserve to fall for a "frog".

The future husband and friend a frog?

Mother and daughter have so much in common

On the one hand, it is childhood that welds them together forever and on which they are still building today. On the other hand, it is the present that captures them and still allows them to be there for each other. Because a mother-daughter relationship is probably the strongest bond on earth.

Mom is the helping hand on the wedding day

And it is also her big day when her daughter is considered wonderful bride walks to the altar. Your little girl, how beautiful she has become. She enjoys that Wedding preparations to be able to do together with your child. Be it that Flower arrangements for the church or which favors are chosen. A mother always has the right answer.

Choosing the wedding dress and accessories

The look of the mother of the bride

The mother of the bride is free to show her colors and does not have to wrap herself in a dark blue. Light tones, especially pastel tones, flatter the complexion of more mature women. Your skirt doesn't have to end just below the knee, why doesn't the mother of the bride wear an elegant long dress with a smart bolero? She should be recognizable by her outfit and she should feel beautiful on the day "her little one" gets married.

Festive bolero for the evening dress