Bridal collection 20019: We knit bolero and sweaters for weddings

☺ Knitting for Weddings in 2019 ☺

It's done, the photo shoot took place last Saturday in our studio and we were able to photograph many of the finished models. In fact, not all of them. We had a lot of ideas, a lot of knitting and then there wasn't enough time.

Most of it is in the box and online, here are some of the new models:


Bridal sweater knitted from soft wool Beemohr: we are knitting for brides in 2019 Knit sweater for weddings in ivory and off white and white Hand-knitted bridal sweater in a coarse mesh

 What's new with these bridal models?

Bridal sweaters are very popular, so I designed a few other models and my knitters implemented them. Some are tailored, others a little longer. The sweaters match a variant of wedding dresses.

Every future bride can find her warming companion in the form of a knitted sweater for her wedding here. 

Some knitting items are easier to knit with hand knitting needles. That's why I selected the right wool and expanded the collection of hand-knitted jackets and sweaters. I am curious how these coarser knitted sweaters will be received by the future brides and maybe also the mothers of the brides.

Experiences and insights from our 2019 photo shoot via video

The time for the bridal shoot was too short

Yes, we actually had more models than we had time to shoot. That's why there will be a second photo shoot in about a month. So you have:

☀ an even larger selection of knitted bridal accessories. ☀ 


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