My second passion: books

Today is a happy day ...

this Books I discovered and struck today. at books as well as with Wool I just can't resist, and certainly not at all, when a hardcover that still looks like new costs only 1 EUR :-).

Read books beautifully and educationally

I have two of them the ausgelieh. Yes, I can't resist that either, at least only two this time, although I already know five Books waiting for me on my bedside table and two in the office.

Most of the time I read 2 to 3 books at the same time and at some point I just allow myself another 2 to 3 hours and Forest and read; Marvelous! And finally I only thought; I'll sell a book one day ebay; namely "And where are the customers' yachts", it's about finances, of course I've already read that.

Then I see that it is obviously very topical again on ebay, although from 1997 and read it briefly, with the end that I don't want to sell it after all, or at least only when I've read it a second time.

Bookshelf for browsing

Oh yes, and then I always make up my mind to enjoy books as radio plays, because you are doing it on the side knit could ... but somehow I'm that printed book; succumb to the beauty of the cover and the smell of the physical book.

Sabine Mohr wishes you relaxed and inspiring reading.