Some things in life never go out of style

People always get married

Today's world is fast moving and following trends. What was still very popular yesterday is already being forgotten today. But some things in life never go out of style ...

Getting married!

That two people want to say YES to each other forever and make a promise to walk the path together from now on. May be because of the fact that love no trends knows. Love doesn't always have to be up to date. Love doesn't have to appear contemporary. You just have to find a direction that is up the way to the heart paves the way.

Wedding for lovers

It has always been a pleasure to get married ...

It may be that in some years the number of Weddings increases, while in other years the number declines again. Yet, It has always been a pleasure to get married and nothing will change about this.

Here are statistics on marriages in Germany

Weddings in Germany

Never alone in good times or bad

Especially in times like these, when there are more and more single households, it is perhaps all the more important to be clear YES for each other to pronounce. There's a hand holding mine A circumstance that cannot be taken for granted and for which the partner now and then is sincere Thank-you should get awarded.