love is in the air

love is in the air

How come? The month of May has always been considered the month of lovers. And so not a weekend goes by without car caravans driving through the streets honking their horns and drawing attention to the fact that we are accompanying them the bridal couple into a common future.

Romantics let the moment sink in

The loud horn makes you sit up and take notice, the happy faces of the wedding party are contagious. Those who count themselves among the romantics stand still and enjoy this little moment. A moment of happiness and a moment that brings memories back to life. How nice it was back then at your own wedding.

Love in may

May is made for marriage

The spring-like atmosphere that May offers is perfect for hosting a wedding. Spring bloomers let the meadows shine in the most colorful colors. The magic of the blossoms of the trees is fascinating. The whole of nature shines in full splendor. You can also rely on consistent weather, which is always a very important aspect at weddings. Because when the sun shines from the sky, Cupid has brought wedding rings.