New bridal jackets 2018 and Facebook

Good morning dear readers,

the shop migration is as good as complete. I can devote myself to design issues. With the energy that is released, I work on new models, for the most part I stick to the tight-fitting ones Bridal jackets. I think it's a beautiful silhouette; the jacket makes a slim torso and that wedding dress runs out far.

It will be more Bridal sweater give with suggestions from my current collection:

Kim with a cashmere hood Light and soft wool sweater Wear jacket open for the wedding

Still 2 more Bridal jackets I design; I knit one from baby alpaca with silk in coarser stitches, another has the classic jacket shape and is made from cuddly Wool be knitted, namely this. Bella I've already knitted it: beautiful and comfortable to wear.

The Photo Shoot will take place in autumn, which means you can admire and buy the new models from the beginning of November. On my Facebook I inform you about the progress of my collection and the photo shoot. Don't miss a thing and follow beemohr.

I wish you a good start to the day, your Beemohr.