Start the spring with cozy jackets

... even if it is very hot at the moment

You can hear them again, the bird calls in the morning hours for which we have already been waiting. The winter is defeated! After what feels like an eternity, spring and the first warm rays of sun finally come back.

No start of spring without light jackets

Spring wants to be welcomed, ideally with a new look made of bright colors and light materials. That's exactly what they promise Jackets, boleros and stoles this year. As already revealed, this year the delicate pastel tones count as Trend colors 2018. But also that classic summer white is not lost in the fashion world. And what would the trends be without the charming ones ivory colored Sounds? You would not be perfect!

Cashmere & Alpaca

We are right in the middle of the diverse Fashion spring. The styling comes up with skilful variety, which likes to be wrapped in cashmere or snuggle up in Alpaca. boho and Vintage is still popular.

Weddings in nature, equipped as a casual picnic are very popular. It is also a wonderful party atmosphere, the children can run around, the adults dance or find a quiet place - there is something for every taste.

Just prepare in case it gets a little fresher. So that you don't freeze, grab a jacket made of soft, cozy wool from Beemohr.

Get married with a cozy bolero made of mohair Get married in vintage style with Beemohr