Marry like the royals: Pinz Harry and Meghan Markle

Today is the day and I'm also running the live stream on the side. It's really exciting to see what the guests are wearing. Oh, I'm just seeing David Beckham with Victoria, a lot of women are wearing hats. Prince Harry has already arrived with his best man Prince William.

AND now a motorcade is driving in, the one in the first car bride, wow what a setting. The weather plays along too, beautiful sunshine. I'm curious what she's wearing. You won't have a jacket on, that's what it's for wedding dress too pompous. ... Maybe later. Kate wore a buttoned angora jacket at her reception, something like Mimi.

Harry and William drove in a rather nondescript Mercedes and Meghan in a Rolls Royce. The Queen wears a flashy green costume - I like it.

She comes that Dress looks rather simple and has long arms, is definitely warm, maybe a duty in church? 

Angora jacket for the wedding ivory

He asks ... that's always the most exciting part - goosebumps. That was the exciting part, now the pastor is coming ... I saw the most exciting part ...

However, I am not a big fan of the monarchy and can not see the sense for the population, at most the tourist aspect. Tax money and attention could be better invested in solving current problems.