Wedding in 2021 with a knitted sweater or cardigan

Wedding boom in 2021?

The question is whether it will be possible to marry more than one person again soon. Today, as I write this article, I can only do that newlyweds to be present. For some, this may be the dream wedding, while others prefer to have relatives and closest friends with them at their wedding.

What's next for weddings in pandemic times?

Last year at the end of October before the second "Lockdown - Light", I assumed; we are back to normal. I had a lot of orders again. With the 2nd lockdown, things went downhill again rapidly, as nobody knows exactly when a normal wedding is possible.

Getting married without Corona in 2021 and 2022

Should you wait and postpone your wedding?

I imagine the situation will change Mai relaxed. It is getting warmer again and some vaccinations have been given. Still if I have my own Wedding would plan, then I would try to make myself independent of a location. So why not have a wedding in your parents 'or friends' garden; a caterer can be found at short notice. Only invite your dearest guests. The trend is towards "Intimate wedding". Only the closest friends and relatives are invited.

Wedding in pandemic times 2021

Are there still appointments at the registry office?

In Berlin the dates are already quite booked out, many couples have postponed their autumn 2020 date to the new year. That is why many weddings will already focus on the year 2021. An appointment at the registry office and church should be the future newlyweds to back up. Getting the favorite appointment was already without it Corona a challenge. I can still refer to mine Wedding planning Remember in 2006 that the summer dates for 2007 were already taken for the weekends, so we got married in autumn. In September we had the most wonderful sunshine at the champagne reception on the Elbe. Thanks to myself knitted Jacket, I wasn't cold. I have the jacket made of fine Mohair knitted, I have the crotch on the back "BRIDE"knitted in with golden thread.

It has now become my label Beemohr arose and we knit for Brides a variety of Sweaters, Jackets, Bolero and loops. You can find all models here.

Beemohr marries with a cardigan made of fine mohair

How can newlyweds spend their honeymoon?

Spontaneously I would say: in the garden on the deck chair with a well-stocked Cocktail bar. The advantage here is you don't have to go through the latest rules and regulations and go on a vacation full of restrictions. If you want to travel abroad, you will very likely have to show proof of vaccination and, in the worst case, be in quarantine. In addition, many hotels are restricted in their services when they reopen:

  • no buffet
  • no swimming pool or sauna
  • in the worst case, the restaurant and bar are closed 😱
Corona times - only alcohol helps
If you really want to travel, that would be Baltic Sea, Lake Constance or another place in Germany is a nice alternative. That was already the one Vacation trend in 2020. Even if not voluntarily. For outdoor fans, a camping holiday might be the right thing, or the couple can rent a room Tiny House in the middle of nature.
I wish you, despite Corona, pleasant wedding planning, with unusual ideas and more opportunities - your Sabine Mohr.