Corona Update: Weddings in April 2021

Which corona easing will come in April?

04/07/21 Today has not changed much. Rather the opposite: Easing were withdrawn. the Close shops again that Schools are not open after the Easter holidays, which end on April 21.04.21st, XNUMXst. Only families from two different households are allowed to meet. Some federal states or cities have Curfews imposed. Regarding that Get married it is still difficult. Only the bride and groom and one other person can attend the wedding celebration. Restaurants are still closed.

24.03.21 Blitz - lockdown tilted 😃 Ie Thursday and Saturday the shops remain open. Maybe I don't have to wait 2 weeks to get my new one Register car. There is the nice platform of the "iKFZ" - the online registration, unfortunately it doesn't work for me. The page Vehicle online registration cannot be used, with or without authentication. So now I have to wait 2 weeks :-(.

23.03.21/3/XNUMX One day after the politics meeting. The discussion lasted until XNUMX a.m. and woz the? The almost same restrictions as usual, business is closed again. Until Hairdressers Of course, a haircut is, of course, the crux of the matter. Hairdressers are only closed in Blitz Lockdown. None are allowed in all of Germany tourist travel take place, not even in North Rhine-Westphalia or Lower Saxony, the federal states that had fought for it. Hotels and restaurants continue to look into the tube. In addition, one would like to make April 3rd - a Saturday - a day of rest, so everyone Geschäfte are zu. Chancellor - Like I said, there is one over Easter from 01.04.21/05.04.21/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX Blitz lockdown. The meeting with two households is also retained. I'm fed up with the We-Block-All-One tactic; Focusing on those particularly affected and taking precautionary measures would be the better option.

21.03.21/XNUMX/XNUMX Today is Sunday and Hamburg is closed again old lockdown rules returned and shops are already closed again. Next Monday, March 22.03.21nd, XNUMX, there will be another discussion about how things will continue throughout Germany. I expect renewed closings nationwide - unfortunately.

19.03.21 Corona test  A week ago I heard that there is a pharmacy here in my small town (40.000 inhabitants) where the Free Test can be performed. According to the official news, this is possible once a week. Today a friend wanted to have a test after she received a call from her hairdresser that the test was positive. It was neither at the general practitioner nor in one of the Pharmacies possible to take a test. Ultimately, she takes the test in another small town and drives half an hour to have the test done there, as a private payer.

17.03.21 Schools open again My daughter is going back to school tomorrow, she is in 5th grade. Tests are offered. What do I expect from it? Negative - those tested are sent home, but the appointments are spread over the day. So maybe that's wrong timing. I also expect that this will cause the numbers to go up, thanks in part to the false positive tests. It will be - in my opinion - a short school intermezzo. After the Easter break, the school will probably be closed again.

Off to school or homeschooling

From it conclude I want relaxations in terms of celebrations, restaurants and Weddings not within reach. I've already heard of brides who still want to marry that Registry offices rather adhere to the private rules, i.e. only two households are allowed to participate. I think if you want to get married this year 2021, you have to rely on one smaller round hire and possibly also at home. If you have a beautiful garden, I can still imagine that. But even for this it needs some relaxation so that you don't have to be four at the Wedding sits.

Getting married in the garden

08.03.21 Would you like to be in a beauty salon? The so-called body-hugging professions have very strict requirements. They are even stricter for cosmetics shops than for hairdressers. The customer must do a self-test that is valid for 12 hours. Alternatively, before the beauty salon Corona test and then the result is available within 15 minutes. Only what if he's positive 🤦‍♀️. Then the appointment was in vain for both sides.

04.03.2021: The easing turns out to be rather disappointing. In addition, the changes are heavily dependent on the incidence figures. This means that clear planning is not possible. Retail stores can open from 08.03.21/22.03.21/XNUMX. Already from March XNUMXnd, XNUMX outdoor catering is possible, which is already on Wedding celebrations lets hope. If things go well and the incidence number is below 50, then after Easter, outdoor events with up to 50 people are possible. After all, in my estimation, 2 households with a total of 5 people should now be able to take part in a wedding. But even with these relaxations, a Quick test be required. Unfortunately, it is not as relaxed as in other countries.

03.03.2021; 21:20 pm: At the moment we are still discussing, more news will follow tomorrow.

Until today, the 03.03.21 could be married, but only in the smallest circle and without a subsequent celebration. Only the couple may be present in the registry office, without a photographer or relatives. Outside, a person from another household is allowed to take part in the ceremony. That means here too you have to make a decision; Mom or photographer?

I suppose that newlyweds may celebrate, maybe with someone from another household? That would really be a completely different kind of wedding partythan you know before. On the other hand, that's probably the one cheapest weddingthat there can be.

Get married during Corona times in 2021

On the side of State of Lower Saxony the following statement can be found: "Please refrain from weddings and other celebrations in the next few weeks. The risk of infection is simply too great. If, for compelling reasons, a marriage has to take place in the next few weeks, this is possible, albeit in a small circle and without any subsequent celebration. "

O my God 🙈 No wonder that hardly Bridal jackets be ordered.

So far, the future bridal couples are still cautious and there are no more reservations in the registry office, compared to pre-Corona times. So there is no catching-up boom in sight for the time being. No wonder; it is currently uncertain when it will be possible to get married again in a larger circle.