Get married all in white with a cardigan

Get married with a bridal jacket knitted to match the wedding dress

All in white with a bouquet of flowers, that's how you look in my most beautiful dreams. Yes, even men can be romantic, even if they can often hide this quality well. But on the wedding day they can no longer sweep their soulful manner under the carpet. When you see your bride for the first time, in a white dress, a subtle one Bolero jacket about that.

Cardigan for the vintage and boho wedding

A veil that gently blows in the wind. The groom is close to tears and is still holding the bridal bouquet tightly, which is actually waiting to be handed over. Everyone is already standing in front of the registry office and just waiting for the bride and groom to move in. Yes, this is what wedding dreams look like.

What material are wedding dreams made of?

This question is difficult to answer. Because every bridal couple is individual. It starts with the wedding decoration and ends with the appropriate wedding location. What is exactly the right thing for one bride and groom, the next couple shakes their head. Each couple will find their way for themselves and organize the celebration of all celebrations as they please.

What material is the wedding dress made of?

Satin is popular for use by Wedding dresses taken from. If you want something a little more elegant, you can rely on silk. Princess wedding dresses are mostly made of taffeta and tulle. The delicate bride likes to choose chiffon, because this fabric is just as delicate as the bride herself Sweater to go with the wedding dress in addition, it may be made of a warming Angora or a soft one cashmere. If you want a transparent bridal bolero, you should choose kid mohair.