The recipe for happy couples

Opposites attract?

Many couples are familiar with this ... at first you felt totally attracted to your partner because he is so different from your own person. At the Beginning of the relationship if you found the other person's idiosyncrasies charming, then suddenly not anymore, but you turn a blind eye. But suddenly it seems as if the differences are just too big.

So that opposites remain attractive

It is important to admit that every human being unique is and that it is whole normal is not always to agree. A pair doesn't have to be completely alike for it to be matches. He loves sports, she appreciates leisurely walks. He's well organized and accurate, she's the opposite. Because she is spontaneous and a little chaotic. She likes to mingle with the people while he seeks the peace and quiet in his home.

Do we really fit together?

At the beginning of a relationship, most couples are blind to love. But as soon as the first fall in love has passed, the couple will focus on the missing similarities attentive. Suddenly the question arises: "Do we really fit together?" 

When this question arises, it matters to everyone the happy days together to think. Only then will you notice that you can love each other with your different traits.

Happy couples - how do you do it?

It is important to leave space and to let everyone as they are. If the partner wants to change, then most likely by pretending that he or she is already according to his or her wishes. 

These are called prophesying events. Let's take an example:

Your boss says to you: "Ms. Müller, you are best suited for this task because you work so accurately and completely."

What do you mean how do you do this job :-)