A wedding in purple

For a honeymoon in Provence

Now is the time to do it! If you are curving through the French Provence, you can now admire the lush flowers. The Route de la Lavande has this to offer. Endless fields of lavender that shine in all shades of purple and blue. Every woman must have seen these fields once in her life. The lavender smells wonderful, the peace and quiet on site can be enjoyed, only the hum of the bees can be heard and the sight that is offered there cannot be surpassed. A little tip on the side - for a successful one honeymoon!

Lavender - This plant always looks great as a floral decoration

But lavender does not only thrive in the French Provence, since it is an undemanding plant, it can also cope with the conditions of our soil. The little delicate lavender is a sun worshiper. He likes barren soils and little water is enough for him. It can also defy winter if you choose a hardy variety.

Immerse yourself in a charming purple

Wonderful little arrangements can be made that can be used as Flower arrangements in the church just as fulfilling their good cause as with the festive wedding table. In addition, the plant, which originally comes from the Mediterranean region, has a Mediterranean touch with it. Skilled in the ambience of the wedding can bring.

Get married in lilac bridal bolero

Lavender can be used in many ways

After Wedding this plant can still be used in many different facets. The blue-purple flowers can be dried and they serve as protection against moths in the wardrobe. The flowers are filled in a linen bag and ward off the little pests with the most beautiful dress in life - the wedding dress - away. Because the small filled bags made of linen have already saved the most beautiful clothes of our great-grandmothers from moths.