The perfect country wedding

Bauer sucht Frau

There are now countless dome shows on television. Many a fun-loving farmer looks for his loved one through this. But even billionaires no longer wait for Cupid to love them and finally fire his arrows in the right direction, they also look for their great love happiness by directing.

To give love a helping hand

As far as I can remember, TV viewers haven't got one yet Billionaires Wedding to see, may perhaps be due to the fact that the demands of these gentlemen rise almost immeasurably? But we were able to experience perfect peasant weddings up close.

Country wedding with bridal jacket

A rustic fairytale wedding

Who thinks now, human one Country wedding, that is a relic from a bygone era that is hugely wrong. Because the farmer's wedding is everything else, just not stale. The bride doesn't come in a dirndl, but in a chic white dress. And whoever thinks that the bridegroom has his leather leather on is also very much wrong. This stays in the closet at the new country weddings and has to give priority to the elegant suit. And who has something against a carriage? A stretch Limousine is elegant, but against one Coach she can't keep up. Because we women have always dreamed of ours Fairytale wedding and a Coachwho picks us up.

The year 2018 was all about weddings

The “Farmer Seeks Woman” special showed us how farmers did in 2018 Wedding celebrated. All weddings left the television all over again reminisce and it was wonderful to see how people like you and me - very simple people - found happiness for their lives. I wish it may last forever from Heart.