The bride who dares for the 2nd time - Renew the marriage vows

Who has already given the yes word

for the many important celebrations follow, like that Silver wedding and if more years pass, even from the Golden weddingto be the talk of.

One YES word in a row

So, dear newlyweds, it was far from over. Because often it comes to you as newlyweds pretend your own is passing wedding day as if in flight, and because so many wonderful impressions are pouring in at once, the whole ambience cannot be really enjoyed.
But there are other celebrations to follow, which can then be savored when the community of the two lovers proves itself. If you don't want to wait 25 years, you can simply renew your vows. Understandably, the marriage must have lasted for a number of years.
Renew the yes-word

Your own wedding day - the right date

As a suitable date for the renewal of this promise, the wedding day taken for that. Eternal love and loyalty to one another are declared once again. A pastor is welcome to be present and the rings will be exchanged again.
Connectedness and gratitude
Many couples use this opportunity to “renew their vows” to express their own bond. Gratitude also plays a crucial role. After all, each of us is grateful when Heaven has put a partner at your side who really sticks to you in good times as well as bad. If the couple's fate has not meant so well in recent years and “Fortuna” has only now cast an eye on them again, then it may be the right time to renew the vows.
As beautiful as it was back then
Even if the couple is not as young as they were on the wedding day, they can still look good. Because whoever loves radiates this love and whoever feels happy, passes on happiness. If you still need the right jacket for your robe on the big day, beemohr will be happy to help and make all couples understand, take advantage of this opportunity special promises To give to each other one more time.