The veil with children's drawings

The first pictures of the Dream wedding 

of the year everyone has probably already seen. Of course I'm talking about that Wedding by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. The 39-year-old was fabulously beautiful to look at. That wedding dress Versace was kept simple. Will this wedding dress become a trend?  

Children get started ...

For that, the floor length was veil something very special. After all, which veil is adorned by the drawings sent in by the children? Some believe that it is an extraordinary ornament. A particularly warm detail that makes the love for their children clearly visible once again, say the others. What is your opinion?

Children paint a veil for the bride

A mom with a colorful veil and a lot, lots of heart

After all, anyone can wear a lace veil. It's not really anything special. But a veil that is embroidered with brightly colored flowers, brightly colored airplanes and much more is only available if you let your children participate. In this recorded case: 7 children.

Everyone does their part

Yes, you read that correctly, 7 children. Maybe they all just wanted to be kept busy, what do you know? One thing is certain, that Brideaar wanted his children as best he could involve in the wedding and they have succeeded with great certainty. 

Whether the veil with the children's drawings will prevail, time will tell ...