The poncho and knitted sweaters

The poncho and knitted sweaters

... skilfully mix up fashion this fall. The knitted poncho displaces the denim jacket in the transition period and this year it is also a competition for the warm woolen coat.

Important is! Comfortably warm!

Especially in the cold season, everyone wants at least one part in their closet that they can snuggle into. A blouse made of subtle lace may look classy and classic, but one colorful and warm knitted sweater is preferred in winter. The knitted sweater is unbeatable when it comes to its cozy effect.

With us you will find them Knitting instructions free of charge or as a complete Knitting Kit with the right wool.

Free knitting instructions for cozy jackets

That's why we like to put it on. We make it suitable for office and street use with the right knitting pattern. Because let's be honest, a sweater with a Norwegian pattern just never goes out of style.

The poncho - a special "thrower"

The poncho is a casual (mostly frayed) alternative to the jacket. If it then shines in subtle colors, it skilfully adapts to any outfit. No matter whether the look was chosen for everyday life or whether it can be a bit more chic. The Poncho is the perfect companion. He too counts on the motto:

        • Knitwear is chic

So, dear girls, grab your needles and knit your own original piece that you just have to throw on.

Sweaters and jackets to knit yourself