Christian marries: the most beautiful day in a woman's life!

All you need is Love

In love engaged, married! So it shows the wheel of life to many couples. Christin is getting married today. After all these years together, she spent the first night without her sweetheart. She hugs his pillow on the other half of the bed to feel close to him. The hair is sitting, that Make-up its done. Everything is perfect, one look in the mirror ... the future bride smiles happily.

 Marry Christin's wedding


A moment for eternity

Before they get into it Dress wrapped in lace and tulle, your head cinema plays the past again. Then the mom is pressed against her again and the clock is turned backwards again together. Shared family memories that can never be taken from you are allowed to come back to life for a brief moment before you look ahead.

The wedding preparations

A look into the future together

And what does Christin want for them Futurewhat are your expectations? Are their hopes on roses? There will come days when she will be exulting as high as the sky and then there will be days when she will be sad to death. But all in all, it is love that has made them strong so far and will continue to strengthen them in the future, because the Beatles already knew:  All you need is Love ... That goes for Christians and for all brides.

Getting married the wedding morning

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