Wedding dresses made of silk, tulle and elaborate lace

Window shopping and I discover THE wedding dress

It was sunday. The sun laughed from the June sky and lived up to the day. My little daughter and I decided to go into town to have an ice cream there. Then we strolled through the empty shopping streets and enjoyed strolling together.

A shop window with magical powers ... or what's behind it?

Especially when a shop window opened up for us that was pretty Wedding Dresses to see. One model more wonderful than the other. We both stopped as if enchanted and enjoyed the picture, which was decorated with rhinestones and immersed in an endless amount tulle wrapped. A lady stood next to us who was already able to count herself to the "mature semester". All three of us looked at a window pane and we could hardly get enough of each other.

 Wedding dresses to look at and try on

Three women - three looks

Although the shopping street had countless shop windows to offer, not a single one has that magic like this one. What might that be? There were three women, each of us several decades apart, and yet we were equally impressed by what we saw.

Strolling couldn't be nicer

It wasn't the newest fashionthat cast a spell over us. Nor was it the abundance of gold and silver to be admired. It wasn't the lush flower arrangement that laughed out of the window, it was the charm and the idea of ​​how comfortable you were in this one Wedding dress would feel.

In good company

So next time you're walking through town and you can't help but be in front of you Bridal shop stop, remember, you are in good company.

Bee Mohr wishes you an unforgettable summer week.