Bridal hairstyles 2018 boho and vintage is everywhere

What are the bridal hairstyles for 2018?

For every bride there is the matching wedding dress. So there is too the right hairstyle for every bride. Of course, the length of the hair plays a crucial role in how hair styling is chosen.

It no longer has to be accurate. In the meantime, the hairstyles have been twisted up loosely or strands falling out individually create the casual undone look. 

That fits perfectly for a romantic Boho wedding. It is always nice to wear your hair open and only pinned part of it up in a loose bun.

Bridal hairstyle 2018 bun pinned up

Wear open

If you have long, silky hair, you should wear it open. Because long, flowing hair lifts the feminine side of the bride skillfully. A rich head of hair looks elegant as well as youthful.

Romantic braids

Braided hairstyles don't just go with it rustic country wedding very excellent, a fancy braided hairstyle always looks extravagant. Playful braided hairstyles underline the Bride's romance look skillfully. The herringbone pot adorns 2015 the trend-conscious bride.

Strictly back with a bun

Who on cool Elegance sets, he ties his hair back strictly and revives the bun from the 60s. The bun can be decorated with hair ornaments and flowers, so it also looks lively.

Glitter is also very popular, or for those who like it more natural: flowers from the summer meadow.

The model with a bun and twisted strands. She wears that Bridal shawl LU.

Knitted hairstyle with a bridal scarf