The sun is shining: I wish you a good evening

Relaxed after work

In summer not too many think about buying a warm bolero jacket. Even if the weather can hardly be predicted over a week in advance and you can be surprised again and again with wind and rain.

I'm always happy to have a selection of jackets in my closet. At the moment my favorite jacket is SKY in the color light blue, I will soon be knitting myself a sweater in the color salmon in the same coarse knitting pattern:

Sky my favorite summer cardigan 

And Sofie in a powder tone:

Fairy in a light powder tone

I use the free summer time to:

  • establish new contacts
  • design new jackets for weddings
  • Develop ideas
  • plan my first visit to the fair in Buxtehude HARE loves Hedgehogs
  • ... and also enjoy the quiet time and quit work earlier

Closing time for brides, women, entrepreneurs and cats

And when I ring in the end of work, I look forward to a nice meal with friends with nice conversations. During the vacation time, many of my friends have free and happy for me, spend their time at home and explore the area.