Dear future bride,

Choosing the right wedding dress takes a lot of time and once you have finally found your dream dress, then the question arises:

Do I need a bolero jacket with it?

Even in summer you are well advised to wear a light jacket, because you never know what the weather will be like. And who wants to freeze at their own wedding? If you have decided on a bridal jacket or sweater, please read through the most frequently asked questions from brides here.

1. Is it more white or ivory to match my wedding dress?

Most of the wedding dresses are in a light ivory tone, not entirely white, but not a strong cream either. For these dresses, the white will fit. Please note that the white cashmere is a pure white, it might look a bit lighter than your dress. Most of the time it fits well.

See here in comparison cashmere white and cream:

Cashmere wool white

  Cashmere cream ivory

2. What size do I need for my bridal jacket?

This question is often asked. In principle, the size that you usually wear or in which you bought your wedding dress fits. The jackets such as Fee, Mimi, Sofie and jackets from the same cut are cut close-fitting and the arm length extends over the ankle. The model who wears Sofie here has the following measurements: 1,68 m tall, wears size. 34, here at the shoot always 36. With the larger bust size, Gr. 36 perfect.

If in doubt, I would recommend the larger size. If it doesn't fit, you can exchange it within 14 days.

Bolero jacket for brides Sofie with measurements in white

If you are still not sure whether it really fits, please send me the following measurements to

1. shoulder width
2. Arm length, measured from the beginning of the shoulder ball (where the sleeve seam is)
3. biceps; strongest upper arm width
4. Chest circumference
5.Underbust circumference (where the bra closes)
6. Height and weight.

Then I can estimate your size and recommend which size to choose for your bridal jacket.

3. Is the wool soft and doesn't itch?

I started my bridal collection with mohair. I wore my mohair jacket myself. This is what she looked like:

Lettering bride in gold - marry for lovers

For me it was comfortable to wear. However, there are some brides who have slightly more sensitive skin. For this reason I have tried a lot of new things and cashmere is one of the best material I've found.

Strictly speaking, "my" cashmere consists of 70% cashmere, 25% silk, 5% merino. The admixture of the other yarns is an advantage, as it is the Jacket give more stability. This yarn is also ideal for wearers who are sensitive to the skin. It is very comfortable to wear and after wearing it can simply be aired on a hanger and it is fresh again. This jacket does not accumulate heat and breathes with you.

Cashmere is just the thing for a very special day.