DIY is very popular

With the right wool and the knitting instructions, you can knit your bridal jacket yourself with a little experience.

Do-it-yourself bridal jacket: Knit Kit

With a selection of the most beautiful yarns:

  • cashmere
  • Baby alpaca with silk
  • Angora
  • Merino
  • Mohair

It is on cloudy, rainy autumn days or cooler winter evenings knitting a wonderful hobby. I also like to knit in the sun on my balcony and listen to YouTube videos on the side. Because wonderful pieces of knitting can also be knitted for the summer.

I can think of summer dresses, loose leg warmers or light jackets. And there is always some good knitted gifts to have ready in the drawer. Bridal jacket for the registry office or the church ...

Why not knit your bridal bolero yourself

... this is a wonderful way to relax during the wedding preparations. You can find the right one for almost all the pieces offered here Knitting instructions. The easiest way to do this is Bridal stole knit. However, you have to note that it is knitted from the delicate thread of cashmere and mohair.

That is why you need for knitting theirs Bridal stole be patient, it may take a while. For somewhat experienced knitters, knitting the twisted one is also suitable Bridal scarves.

Wedding bolero in white, off white or ivory knit

The shorter version of the Bridal jacket is something for experienced knitters.

Bridal bolero for knittingHere you knit sleeve parts and a back part. The instructions describe exactly how you can knit your own dream wedding bolero yourself. Now for the Bridal bolero in one piece, it looks simple but is actually not that easy to knit.

It is not just knitted straight, but with decreases, so you have to take your time. One Photo guide shows you exactly how to do it. 

Don't have time on your own Wedding preparationsto knit your own bolero, although that is incredibly calming, just ask your friends, grandma, aunt, mom, if she will knit a bridal bolero for you. In this way you involve relatives and friends and you can concentrate on your wedding preparations without being disturbed. I wish you the perfect bolero for your wedding dress. 

Cardigan knit from cashmere or baby alpaca

Bridal jacket made from baby alpaca is light and pleasantly warm. This jacket is best worn with a summer Wedding carry. Bridal sweater are becoming more and more popular, you can knit them yourself with the right instructions and fine wool. In addition to white and ivory, I have beautiful pastel colors such as ivory, rose, a delicate turquoise and a beautiful light gray.

Baby alpaca in ivory by Lanartus Pink wool baby alpaca from Lanartus 













Often relatives would like to take part in the wedding preparations.

Let your grandma or friend knit their bridal jacket. Most relatives and friends will be happy to help you with their wedding preparations.

You can also grab the knitting needle and yours yourself Bridal bolero knit yourself.

Anna or Bella can be knitted quickly and easily

Do-it-yourself cashmere bridal jacket Do-it-yourself cardigan in vintage or boho style

It gets more demanding with the longer ones Bridal jackets like fairy or the bridal sweater Elly.

Bridal sweater in a beautiful lace pattern for boho brides

Knitting courses at Beemohr in Buchholz idN

If you are a beginner, knitting courses are a wonderful opportunity to learn to knit and soon be able to knit a jacket yourself. From August I will also be offering courses to learn to knit. If you live nearby, I would love to have you with me.

To start with, learn how to knit a scarf or stole. Once that works out, you can soon dare to knit a jacket, maybe even for your own Wedding ... just like I did my own back then Bridal jacket have knitted. 

You can find the right wool here

which form a good basis for knitted items: merino, baby alpaca, mohair, cashmere, angora, cotton. You will also find wool and the appropriate knitting instructions summarized in practical knitting kits - simply order and get started without searching in the wool shop.

You can knit your bridal bolero yourself or a friend or aunt will do the knitting for you. Back then I also knitted my bridal jacket myself. I wore the bridal bolero to tie with the text "Bride" knitted into it. Here you can admire the jacket.

Bridal cardigan in powder to knit yourself KNIT KIT

It took some time, but it was also fun. Because of the thin wool, knitting took a little longer ... but within the scope of the Wedding preparations it was more of a meditative occupation. You can knit many of the wedding cardigans that you can find on Beemohr's website, with a little experience you can make your own Bridal jacket.

Even for the Elly bridal sweater

there is now the right one Strickset, but be careful here you have to concentrate a bit and it's worth it. If you like that knitting or you don't have time, you can simply order the finished sweater. I knit all models in a wide range of colors, browse the wool section, there you can see which colors are available.

I myself knitted Elly in turquoise and sleeveless - the perfect piece for summer - I love it. The jackets can also be combined well with evening dresses, choose your favorite color and get started!

Wool for sweaters, scarves and cuffs 

... to knit yourself. the Wool for other knitting projects you can also find here; thicker wool gives faster results, so you can knit or crochet a scarf or hat in just a few hours. You need a little more patience with thinner wool.

Just create a cozy knitting atmosphere; by choosing your favorite place, inserting a nice radio play ... a nice love movie can also fit well and treat yourself to an aromatic coffee and start your knitting piece in this pleasant atmosphere.

Design your own jacket

With knitting you arrive at home very well and maybe even find a little bit to yourself. Advanced learners can design their own piece. With a gauge and the classic rule of three, you have your own Knitting instructions. If you have a piece of clothing that you like, you can draw it, take measurements and you already have the cut. With the knitting sample you can