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Wool & knitting instructions for knitting your own cardigan for your wedding dress 

knitting You yours Bridal bolero yourself with a selection of the most beautiful wool: cashmere, Baby alpaca and mohair. On windy and rainy autumn days or cooler winter evenings knitting a wonderful hobby. You can also knit wonderfully in the park, on the balcony or on the bus. For the summer can knit beautiful vests and light shawls.

Bridal jacket for the registry office or the church

Why not your bridal bolero knit yourself? It is a wonderful activity to relax from the wedding preparations or to get new ideas. For almost all bridal bolero, you can find the one here Knitting instructions. The bridal stole is easiest to knit. The delicate wool requires a little practice: Cashmere and mohair should be knitted as evenly as possible.

 Bridal stole simply straight knitted and also something for knitters with little experience. A variant of a stole, but with arms is that Bridal scarves.

Wedding bolero knit for vintage and boho

The shoulder warmer variant of the bridal jacket is also something for experienced knitters. here knit Not just one piece, but sleeve parts and a back part. The knitting instructions describe your own dream very precisely Wedding bolero knit yourself.

Now for the Bridal bolero in one piece, it looks simple but is actually not that easy to knit. It is not just knitted straight, but with decreases, so you have to take your time. Photo instructions show you exactly how to do it.

Do you have no time her bolero herself during her own wedding preparations to knit?

although that is incredibly calming, just ask your friends, grandma, aunt, mom, if you have one for you Bridal bolero knits. In this way you involve relatives and friends and you can concentrate on your wedding preparations without being disturbed. I wish you the perfect one Bolero for their wedding dress.

Knit jacket from cashmere or baby alpaca

A bridal jacket made of baby alpaca is light and pleasantly warm. You can best turn this jacket into one Summer -

Wedding carry. Bridal sweater are becoming more and more popular, you can do that yourself with the right instructions and fine wool knit. In addition to white and ivory, I have beautiful pastel colors such as ivory, rose, a delicate turquoise and a beautiful light gray. Often relatives would like to contact the Wedding preparations participate. Let your grandma or girlfriend be theirs Bridal jacket knit. Most relatives and friends will be happy to help you with their wedding preparations. You can also pick up the knitting needle yourself and knit your bridal bolero yourself. It can be done quickly and easily Anna or  Jacky knit. It gets more demanding with the longer bridal jackets like Fee or the Bridal sweater Elly.

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