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Pongo - CHILLOUT time from morning to evening

Pongo our sweet Atelier Cat

The cat in our knit atelier - love it

Where are you from?

from a little farm.

Me being a little cat:

I love my cat Sleeping cat in my knit atelier

What did you learn?

sleep, eat, relax

How long have you been knitting?

work? definitely not, the others are responsible for that!

How long have you been with Beemohr?

I've been hanging out there since 2014

What else did you learn in practice?

um ... where the best places to sleep are

How many food bowls do you have?

too little

What is your most important utensil a day?

a couch and sun

What do you enjoy most?

Chasing mice, meowing, sleeping, eating, sometimes being scratched, depending on how I feel.

What is your favorite wool?

The one I can play with.

What was your stupidest mistake so far?

If you don't do a lot, you don't make mistakes.

What was your best idea?

Select boxes as a place to sleep.

What bothers you the most in your house?

The noise of the knitting machine.

What else can you do?

Basically everything if I'm not too tired.

What are your hobbies?

sleeping, eat, chillout time

Let me sleep