Pongo our cute studio cat

Pongo our studio cat 

Where do you come from?

from a cozy farm

Me in small:

Pongo small and while playing Sleep well in the studio

What did you learn?

sleep, eat, relax

How long have you been knitting?

work? no way, the others are responsible for that!

How long have you been with Beemohr?

I've been hanging out there since 2014

What else did you learn practically?

um ... where the best sleeping places are

How many food bowls do you have?

too little

What is your most important utensil during the day?

a couch and sun

What do you enjoy the most?

Chasing mice, meowing, sleeping, eating, sometimes being petted, depending on how I'm feeling. 

What is your favorite wool?

The one I can play with.

What was your stupid mistake so far?

If you don't do a lot, you don't make mistakes.

What was your best idea

Select cardboard boxes as sleeping places.

What bothers you most while knitting?

The noise of the knitting machine.

What else can you do? 

Basically everything, if I'm not too tired.

What are your hobbies?

sleep, eat, chillLet me sleep