5 years: Knitting for brides: We do it!

We knit for weddings

The Bee Mohr company celebrates its 5th anniversary

The best day in the life of a bride - rounded off with Bolero from Beemohr

The wedding day is something very special for every bride. One looks for that with a love of detail wedding dress and the accessories to go with it. Usually, however, a suitable piece of clothing is missing to protect yourself from wind and cold.

Sabine Mohr experienced exactly that on her most beautiful day and decided to knit her own bolero from high-quality wool. The idea for Bee Mohr was born. Bee Mohr because she wishes every bride to be more of herself on this unique day. In the meantime, Sabine Mohr's online shop of the same name is celebrating its 5th anniversary. "I am really proud and happy that my dream has come true. I no longer knit alone because we receive orders from all over the world. It's my job to unite the wishes of the customer and my creativity and to give the bride the feeling that she has fulfilled a very special wish. Due to the strong demand, we have meanwhile expanded our range to include baby blankets, boleros for evening dresses and other bridal accessories ", says Sabine Mohr.

Beemohr has been knitting for brides for 5 years, here are some highlights:

  • Most orders are made Bavaria
  • 6 photo shoots with 103 dress models
  • The youngest model war 1 year old and posed for our baby blankets
  • The funnest jacket red with silver embroidered went to Australia
  • The most expensive wool Cashmere superior
  • The best month: April 2012
  • The most excited bride sent me 16 emails
  • The most beautiful guest book entry: It is nice when there are people who have found their calling. Within a few days it was there, my beautiful cashmere bolero. Even more beautiful than in the photos and even softer than imagined! I will say thank you again on May 19th.

  • Find all reviews directly on the products.

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