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Bridal jacket made of fine yarn for parties

Bucholz idN, July 31.07.17, 2017. The time has finally come, the 2016 shoot has been successfully completed and many beautiful new models have been created in the queens collection. Beemohr gave a first taste of the 2017 collection back in XNUMX. Here, the kid mohair yarn has been largely replaced by a soft natural yarn consisting of baby alpaca and mulberry silk. This natural yarn is comfortable to wear, does not scratch and is only slightly warm. This is an important jacket characteristic, especially for brides with a high level of adrenaline in their blood.
Natural yarns do not retain heat, the heat is also given off again. That's why these jackets are wonderfully suitable for a wedding. One model from the collection for queens is "Elly" - the bridal sweater knitted from heavenly soft baby alpaca.
Knitted in an airy lace pattern. This wedding sweater is made in many colors, it can be worn with both dresses and trousers in a casual look.
For a particularly elegant look, all models can be knitted in cashmere on request. The model Marie made of white cashmere is shown here - even softer and the cream of couture.
In this collection, too, the wool is offered together with the appropriate knitting instructions. So that the bolero jackets can be knitted by yourself or by your aunt or grandma.
All models of the queens line can be seen here: Bride Collection 2017
The complete bridal line here: Bridal Bolero by beemohr

Knitting for brides: elegant bolero for festive occasions.

Company description
Beemohr knits bolero jackets from natural yarns for weddings and other celebrations. Since 2007 beemohr has been manufacturing jackets and sweaters in small knitting studios across Germany. The wool is obtained from dealers based in Germany. The jackets are made for end customers and B2B customers. The B2B customers in Northern Germany are most strongly represented.
Beemohr has been selling its products internationally since 2009. 
The company was founded on September 01.09.2007st, XNUMX in Hamburg.

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