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Honey i'm freezing! Cardigan vs. men's warmth

Do you know that? You go to a restaurant or bar with your boyfriend - sometimes it can also happen at home during a cozy evening in front of the TV: Suddenly you feel a slight chill, which can increase to chattering teeth in the course of the evening. It's good that you have your knight with you in shining armor, the one warming one Jacket has ready.

And you can be sure that the jacket is not too tight and that it is nice and warm. For your Wedding you'd better take precautions and find a fitting that is comfortable to wear Jacket so that you don't freeze on your most beautiful day. 

For one Winter wedding it can be a thick jacket, the model is a bit thicker Fairy and Marie.

For a summer celebration are Anna and Luna a good choice.

Get married with a cashmere cardigan