The renaissance ... of "old hobbies" knitting!

Beemohr knits for weddings

Hamburger Abendblatt, April 18.04.2009, XNUMX

Fishing, hiking, hunting and dancing teas used to stand for philistineism. Gone are the days. The allotment garden no longer means club dairy and chain link fence, but offers sun and relaxation. Car seat covers are not a must, but they are okay. Fine rib underwear can even look very sexy. Even plush animal collectors are allowed to stand by their hobby. The only true philistinism is pigeonhole thinking anyway. Being uncool is cool. Even as a building society saver.


Sabine Mohr is hanging on the needle. The young mother is addicted - addicted to knitting. Even her mother showed her how to do it. "During the GDR era, there was a lot of knitting," says the Cottbus native. After the fall of the Wall, she lost interest in it.

Only in 2006, when her boyfriend asked for her hand, did the 37-year-old benefit from her hobby again. "I ran through every store in town to find a nice one Jacket to find that I could wear over the dress. "In vain. So the IT expert reached for the wool and knitted herself Bolero jacket, with the words "Braut" on the back.

She got her first orders at the wedding. From now on the Eppendorferin knitted in piece for girlfriends. In July last year she started her own business. She is now knitting for under her label "Bee Mohr" Brides. She can relax wonderfully while knitting, preferably in front of the TV or at the knitting club in the pub, where she indulges in lust with other addicts.