Cashmere cardigan: we love to knit!

Get married with a cashmere cardigan

A year for love

Exactly one year ago, on July 01.07.2008st, XNUMX, the Bee Mohr label began Boleros for brides to knit. The company encountered an absolute niche in the market. The company has already reached break-even after 7 months. Orders have quadrupled since the beginning.

All models are sold through the company's own online portal and through business partners in Hamburg, Lüneburg, Lübeck and Munich.

Future Brides Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium belong to the customer base. The online shop has also been available in English for a month and awaits interested parties from all over Europe.

A new collection is planned for the next financial year. The company acts flexibly and creates new models outside of the annual collection.

On the occasion of the one-year anniversary, we ask couples who have been married for a year or more for their review of the year and the highlights.

The most beautiful reviews will be on published and awarded, among other things, a sleeve bolero from Bee Mohr:

Bee Mohr

Hegestrasse 1

20251 Hamburg

Tel: 040/47194637