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Happy and chic at the start

When choosing the Bridal gown Everything is allowed, on one condition: it has to match the personality. Four weddings and one death. the bridewho doesn't dare. One Wedding to fall in love. My best friend's wedding. Bridal alarm ... the filmmakers of this world have long since recognized what narrative, dramatic and highly enjoyable potential can be found in the event marriage and its trappings. And: In the end, exactly what the viewer wants in the course of the film should happen: the happy ending for his heroes. Different than in the film Weddings in real life, of course, not the end, but the start of a new and hopefully happy life together.

Colored, white or ivory?

And how do you best celebrate it? With a nice party and the perfect outfit, of course. But the search for the right dress for the day of the day doesn't seem so easy at first. Should it be elegantly glamorous as it was in the past CatherineDuchess of Cambridge? Romantic and playful with a flowing A-line? Or, perhaps completely different from everyday life, opulent with sensational ruffles and strapless corsage? Are in the choice of her outfit for the wedding bride and groom as free as never before.
For the bride In 2013, the fashion designers dared to come up with exciting designs and innovative material combinations, sometimes with a fairytale, sometimes with a completely natural look. Who says that you have to get married in white? For the church wedding are
there is still a preference for the white or at least delicately tinted dress. But top designers also show gorgeous robes in strong tones every year, think of Vera Wang, who put the bride in gorgeous red robes in 2013, or Oscar de la Renta, whose floral pattern looked anything but kitsch. So if the bride prefers to marry cheerfully colorful or even in traditional costume style, there are no limits to her imagination. Because the outfit for them Wedding should always please the couple first and foremost. 
You can also take a look at the shoulder and it is also really popular in 2013: with the one-sided strap solution in an asymmetrical style. Flowers are also trendy - whether as a flat design on a skirt or applied as a small eye-catcher or pattern made of lace. Shiny sequins on the cleavage can add seductive accents. The back also gets its appearance, especially at Wedding dresseswith a classic cut in the front. Fashion consciousness can be demonstrated primarily with a belt, whether it is wide with rhinestones or flowers or narrow with a delicate bow.
The fifties are also celebrating their comeback with petticoats and flared skirts. If you get married in autumn, a bolero jacket doesn't just protect the bride from cooler temperatures: fine ones Knitting materials for example, they are particularly flattering on the skin and can underline the beauty of the dress: a bolero made of angora, for example, is suitable for cooler days due to its thicker texture. Delicate skin in particular loves this fluffy, soft wool because it is very comfortable to wear. 
Boleros are available in different versions: whether with short or long sleeves, as a shrug, as a longer one Bolero or for swaddling.

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