From teacher to knitter

Knitting with a love of wool for Beemohr

Where do you come from?

from Germany, Koblenz

What did you learn?

Graduate teacher English German, flight attendant

How long have you been knitting?

I taught myself to knit, I learned it when I was around 8 years old.

How long have you been knitting for Beemohr?


Where did you continue to learn practically?

at other small designer companies and knitting magazines

How many knitting machines do you have?


What is your most important tool for machine knitting?


What do I enjoy most about knitting?

The path is fun and the result is even more beautiful to hold in your hands. I like this hands-on work where it comes out as a "dressing" result.

What is your favorite time to knit?

I knit by hand at all times, with the machine every day. This requires a high level of concentration and ideally daylight. I never do machine knitting in the evening or at night.

Which "knitting project" do you like best?

A project where I am challenged and can learn from it.

What is your favorite type of knitting?

Yak, alpaca, merino, cashmere and all blends of these fibers.

What is your favorite wool?


What has been your stupidest mistake on the knitting machine so far?

A stitch that was not knitted through and that I only saw at the end of knitting. I had to knit the whole part again.

What was your best idea on the knitting machine?

Sew the knitted pieces together with the knitting machine.

What bothers you most while knitting?

Everything that does not belong to the knitting process bothers me:

  • Doorbells
  • Telephone rings
  • Family members with "urgent" requests
  • a broken knitting machine

It is best if the knitting project can be completed in one go. This is the best way to use the creative flow process.

What else can you do? 

Cooking and roofing. Editing knitting instructions. The recipes have to be as simple as possible, I like to cook something exotic, such as Asian.

What are your hobbies?

Knitting, reading and cooking