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Knit Instruction & Wool for jackets, sweater, scarfs and cuffs for knitting yourself start knitting!

Order yarn and knit kits online

Find an extraordinary range of wool:

  • Cashmere from Filatura di Crosa
  • Baby alpaca with silk from Lanartus
  • Merino from Katia
  • Mohair from Katia and Phildar
  • Fantasy yarn from Philda

In addition you will find a wide range of knit kits. Knit beemohr models with the knitting pattern and wool. Knit your own wedding bolero. You need some time and some experience. There is the model Anna, this can be knitted for knitters with only some experiences. I would also recommend Anna for beginners or knitters with some experiences. It gets more difficult with Fee. Nevertheless there are Foto Instructions which make it easyer. They all contain a sewing pattern with measures.

DIY knit your own bridal cardigan or jacket Knit Kit for your wedding jacket, stole or sweater

Wool for special occasions

The most precious yarn is cashmere. It is soft, skinfriendly and light. It is more expansive on the other side you do not need many balls for knitting a wedding cover up. For Anna in size S you only need 2 balls.

Knitting Pattern

Knit Instructions are send via E-Book in PDF-Form. It contains a comprehensive knitting instruction easy to understand, pictures and a model pattern. To get you started with knitting right away you will receive your knitting pattern directly past payment.

Knitting eases the soul. New ideas arise. Lots of different yarns can be combined. Cashmere can be knitted with either one, two or three threads. This makes the knit jacket softer and keeps warm.

Regardless what yarn you will use for your wedding bolero; here you'll find different kinds of bolero pattern for your wedding dress. You might choose the classical wedding shrug or the longer version knitted with a mix of baby alpaca and merino.

The product description shows the languages of the knit instruction.

Bridal cardigan knitted of soft wool for US Brides

Most knitting pattern provide the instruction for different yarns as cashmere, mohair or angora. If you can not knit your dream wedding bolero yourself what about asking your grandma, aunt or a friend. They might knit the bolero perfectly for your.

With cashmere and mohair you need to be a patient knittes as it takes a while till you have knitted you weedding cardigan. Now see what I did for my own wedding; I like to knit some writings or letters on my knitting pieces. One is the wedding bolero I have worn at my wedding day: Bride.

I hope you will find some interesting knitting pattern for you. Happy knitting.