Long-time knitter in the team

Knitting for Beemohr

Where do you come from?

from Germany, Hamburg-Eimsbüttel

What did you learn?

Degree in fashion design, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (now called HAW)

How long have you been knitting?

Hand knitting for dolls at the age of 7, on the machine since 1984.

How long have you been knitting for Beemohr?


Where did you continue to learn practically?

Knitting studio Damerow in Hamburg-Altona, which at that time also produced for Iris von Arnim.

How many knitting machines do you have?


What is your most important tool for machine knitting?


What do I enjoy most about knitting?

The perfecting and rationalization in the manufacture and development of a piece of clothing. That Listening to podcasts with headphones and "Mickey mice" :-) while working on the knitting machine with the motor, which is quite noisy.

What is your favorite time to knit?

In the afternoon.

Which "knitting project" do you like best?

When I convert lettering or motifs into stitches on my PC using a knitting program.

What is your favorite type of knitting?

“Double-Jacquard” is actually a love-hate relationship.

What is your favorite wool?


What has been your stupidest mistake on the knitting machine so far?

The engine runs in the wrong direction and then every time I get frightened because it bangs so loudly but fortunately nothing breaks.

What was your best idea on the knitting machine?

3-color double jacquard flower pattern unreported

What bothers you most while knitting?

postman, because when I work with ear protection, I usually don't hear it.

What else can you do? 

Designing fashion, making cuts, sewing. Paint watercolors.

What are your hobbies?

Playing guitar and djembe, composing music, covering and arranging songs.

Computer games, reading. jog.

Interests: medicine, epidemiology and nutritional science.